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Coordinations in Combinations.

Gold Sunrise in the South. Every bit of these golden streaks of sun rays are colors that pretty much feel  as warm as they may look,it displays the perfect beauty of nature .when I look at this all I see is  definite intense mirage at its peak. Its warmth on your face bring such a pleasant feeling only found out in nature.It blazes with so much energy that would keep you thrilled while watching this process that you don't get to worry where you actually watching it from.This is shot from the Nyali Bridge,Mombasa.
This is lush grass straight after the rains,rich deep green literally.The kind of green that serves  the eye a handful of beauty.Then there's this green that's looking cool with a  rough patch of grayish rough.reminds me of velvet, more of rough soft.

These in turn blossom's into some  magical beauties. These beauties have some refreshing look I bet the bees celebrated they feed on them!I'll let you guys tell me how many colors you see.personally I se…
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Days of My Life.

Beauty in colors.
Colors speak volumes more than words to me. They are a way of expressing emotions.In my world fashion any color is good ,I wear each with pride because I draw my inspiration from them.whenever I wear bold colors my moods elevate.
This beautiful piece has me feeling equally beautiful on it.

I am a Beach stroller.  I look with excitement to the blaring sun, I notice the white ,yellow even grey butterflies. I feel the wind blowing gently making the trees sway in unison.I'm tempted to follow the wind to lead my strides but I follow it any way to the's so peaceful all you hear is the rumbling waters,  chipping birds and laughter,kids are swimming playfully throwing sand at each other.they look happy and free.reminds me,I should have a swim one of these days.
Stripes. Look at these stripes, they got me feeling like a zebra ha!
Disappointments Some days I'm so confused, so afraid, so scared to look at the birds, the trees.they might see my disappointment b…

Environmental Bliss.

Environmental love.
Today I've been up and down the corners of a small but incredible area in the magical coastal town of Mombasa called Tudor.I am lucky to have stayed here because it's the only place that I've had the chance to see some of the oldest trees in my life.

Location;Technical  University of Mombasa.
Those who've been here must agree that these trees are phenomenal in the way they tower above us yet they do the most to ensure the cleanest air and beautiful shades.what's amazing is that there are quite a number of old trees giving it the most surrealism any environment could have. Besides the tree are  these vegetational colors will blow your mind.

This is the kind of vegetation I'd love to wake up to every morning ,the kind of colors that would liven up your day. It's not just within the school, Tudor has some of the most breath taking both wild and planted trees. There are whispering trees that literally whisper to the rhythm of the,i…

Unique Colors In The Wild.

Flora fauna.
There's a blend of different colors seen everywhere in nature that spark different feelings in how we connect to them. From the rich green grass or vegetation as a whole down landscapes and across forests to the blue and Turquoise waters across oceans, sea and lakes,the gorgeous seven colors of the rainbow,different shades of flowers,colors in flora and fauna that are amazingly patterned like zebras, cheetahs and leopard prints just to name but a few.Recently Greenpeace a global organization seeking to change people's behavior and attitude towards the environment reported that white giraffes had been spotted by a Kenyan conservation group,how beautiful are they?!

Perfect colors of sunset.
Marigold color.
My experience at the beach has made me curious about infamous Marigold color.This color is  almost Orange and yellow at the same time,kind of in between.I decided to pair my Marigold colored trouser with a grey top not a very vibrant color to create a beautiful cas…

Out In The Wild.

Breath in the good stuff and out the bad stuff.
Guys, it's been quiet a week and I'm glad to say the universe loves me as I do it.I've been working on really simple outfits that would be able to potray an easy laid back look considering the coastal weather. I was determined to have a sunset mood incorporated  session due to my recent obsession for nature. Guess what,I went to the beach and got more than I anticipated for.
I've learnt over the years that there's a connection with everything.When out in nature I feel easy and free.Someone once told me that if I had too much to think and take a stroll at the beach for a break I'd be fine,my recent strolls have proven this true, with that here we go...

Printed top and shorts. I love green.With this piece of Ankara I intended to make a top that would pass for a casual look and an official look as well.I bet it passes for both,tell me what you guys's neck is detailed with an extra piece with pleats.
Well …


My Kind of Art
Art is the diverse range of activities that humans indulge in to express their imaginative skills that are to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.well, that's a lot of English,making it sound all fancy.I'm going to introduce you to my kind of art.
Before we continue,click on the button at the bottom of  the page to follow me on Pinterest  ,you'll find the Artwork with Love board where I've saved quiet a number of extremely remarkable
artwork that has had me  sketching and yearning to do better.

These are visual art,the kind where one can create images through sculptures, paintings, photography and other visual media. You guys know I have an eye for these kind of stuff. Here is an art from the interiors of South Coast, Likoni.In as much as this  was for customer attraction , I'm not cutting my hair soon.It caught my eye. I had to take a snap.
Then there is the music part well, I'm a lover of music. I feel music in a whole other…

Perfect Beauty of Nature.

For the past days I had  been feeling tired and worked up so I decided to take an evening stroll and the sky was amazing.One side had pretty Stratus clouds looking all soft in the blue sky, the other side was dark with Nimbus clouds hanging low even causing a cool 'it's about to rain' effect.It got me feeling warm and cold at the same time.The beauty of sunset is a perfect example that endings can also be good or well,pretty.

The sunlight just reminded me how much of a sun person I am if that is even a thing.No words can explain how I feel right now,but in a nutshell, I'm all eased up and happy. The fierce glow on the sun gave me ideas... Look at my hair !

I'm just happy to Say I'm thankful the Universe is colorful with no regular patterns and I get to experience these realities in the most surreal way.Sitting outside and breathing in the ocean breeze has done me good, and now I can write about it.