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Experiencing Nikon For Photography.

Nature and Personal Work. So I've been exploring the features of Nikon and I must say its been a whole learning experience and I'm still figuring some of the features out. There's a whole collection of random and authentic pictures I've taken and having to edit them has been a whole lesson too and to say I'm doing great with these is a no. Internet has been a place full of information on these topics and its been great but finding the most relatable apps for these is not easy leaving me to ask you guys to recommend some. Here are some of the images. Hope you like them. Selfies. Trying a selfie has always been a terrible idea but that's because of the angle but still its been amusing to try them out got me thinking its out of the box but yes, that's something I'd definitely try out. It's so me. Mirror Images. The first time I tried taking a mirror reflection of myself it was okay, I liked it and doing more of these seems to have been a thing now.The o

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