Breath of Fresh Air.

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It takes physical activities and movement to sometimes unwind the inner and unseen tangles .This is something not new to lovers of travel. Whenever there's movement to new destinations especially out in nature the changes are amazing both physically and non physical.It's like a breath of fresh air.

Nature uplifts and let's you drool in freshness and amazement for a while from colorful birds of all types, colorful butterflies of all types,fresh wind breeze on face,trees of all types and sometimes even rain drizzles against your skin. All these wonders just to feel different, blissful and alive once more.It is a worthy gift.  Slowing down to enjoy these gifts has to be the best thing.

Pictures by :@charity_thegirlboss on Instagram.

Thick walls Up.

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Breaking down Walls.
After multiple encounters that have had you feeling like the world is a rough place with rock hearts and that good things like Justice and success have to be fought for so hard and loyalty seem like a foreign language,a thick indestructible wall is involuntarily built around your heart . Meeting people both strangers and those familiar, but there is an air of aloofness that sorround these encounters because in the past vulnerability was the source of pain.
Withholding love and your kind nature that is deep down in everyone's DNA has us interacting not really superficially but without love since that means attachment and that also means being vulnerable and that might also mean giving yourself but the fear of no receprocity or worst still, for it to be used against you,the closest and easiest option seems to be locking these up behind the wall with a steel door and possibly loosing the keys.Talk of no feelings attache…

Hope is Blind.

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 Tomorrow is never promised,what seems to be promised though is that whatever happens only accelerates growth. Both the good and the bad,the challenges and the good times alike.Every waking moment is a moment of growing and building yourself even in the slightest action. It is more like watering the positives and purging the negatives .A requirement for a progressive forward movement.Water and purge for next level,remain same and stunt or clogged negatives and spiral downwards.No kidding but downward spiral is definitely rough. Upwards should be to the peak, beautiful scenery and views. You know what they say about the view on top. This is more reason to keep at it.  Hope is blind but the rewards are definitely eye opening. Those little happy dances and adrenaline rushes from winning could be wonderful getting used to. I must have heard someone say they are addicted to success and breaking barriers.

Photo by:charity_thegirlboss on Instagram



Path Forward.
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Sometimes its not as chaotic around us as we might think or want to believe.When there is a storm inside there has to be a source.Until it is calm any other outside influences on fuel the storm.fighting against could bring adversities and pain.These storms are meant to show something.Each time anything we undertake is out of control,we could be probably trying to use our own strength or trying to control outcomes out of fear or impatience.Things somehow come to a standstill physically or output wise.
Its even easy sometimes to forget that where we are from is not through or by our own might and might try working things out ourselves not wanting to 'loose' cause you could be familiar with the feeling and it isn't pleasant.The truth is even you cant pinpoint step by step how you specifically got to this point which is not where you were some time back.Where you want to be obviously isn't entirely in your hands.All…

Journey Towards.

One step at a time.
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It takes a brick at a time to build and every piece of them counts. All these in an attempt or with the intent of finishing. This is quiet in comparison to literal lives. Any effort put in to building oneself wholly is with the intent of overall success and realization of the wildest dreams. I like to use these comparisons because in actuality we get to see the end results. From the simplest bricks we get to see the most amazing mansions, from rocks we get to see the most amazing diamond, from dark tunnels there’s bright ,bright lights at the end.This fuels all the tanks of hopes. It could be too dark, too rocky, multiple bricks away but that doesn’t mean the end product is an impossibility. Wherever tests came from could be the same place persistence, patience, will and even motivation come from. As I’m writing this I just pictured sunrise and sunset images that I love to watch and I’m thinking is this metaphorical? A b…

Beauty in Serving

To serve is greatness.
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Just like always there is a natural inclination towards the topic of discovering ones self. But this is easier said than done.If you ask about it you'll realize that most inspirational thoughts and articles are quiet touching and moving and the people writing them down aren't so perfect ,could be what's written is meant for them too.The purpose is to be of service.Talk of preaching water and drinking wine,that is sometimes the case but we are prone to mistakes.We are all students and teachers .
Now I want to talk about the greatness in service.All great people we know serve or served.They put something out there that changes lives in masses.Something that steers others to find their self and encourage their wellness.Talk of artists,Masterpiece creators who help the world see whole new perspective in mind blowing creation and raise positive vibrations literally.

Today,there are a lot of great minds.It is beau…

General Interdependence.

Her Thoughts.(Content includes ads.A click earns a revenue)Everyone’s experiences are generally different but are in connection to their environment, the people, the things and everything else that’s supposed to touch our lives in relation to our purpose or role; that person that we work to be and those dreams we dream of. This definitely explains events or situations that sometimes unknowingly or knowingly propels us forward in line of the dream. At some point detours happen and whatever picture was in mind morphs into something wider in perspective and sometimes really far from expectations, you only wonder because in a number of years you wouldn’t have dreamt of some of the outcomes. In moments of complete reminisce I sometimes remember in wonder that someone actually knows how it’s going to be and much more how it’s going to end. Gives a whole sense of ease as much as anxiety from time to time might challenge this stability!Time is such a significant balance of things. At some poi…