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LOOKING WITH OPENNESS AND KINDNESS.[Love Life] Having seen it all as it comes ,after this day my life took a change that I wouldn't have imagined possible .loosing everything to a stranger because my notoriority of being 'open to love' however it comes .Not really everything but stuff that mattered most in my life then. Vanity as I would say now because they are gone. Here I am building from scratch ,the funny thing is the confidence in myself, that time is this offering that can incorporate patience to build fortresses .That dreams come true you just got to pick up and start over like afresh. Thank God for life and conquer. With the belief that everything that's discovered along the path of life is a boost to discovery of what's next for you. I figured there is embarrassment that comes with betrayal .For one I was embarrassed of the silly mistake I made that I even met the betrayer and walked away because of the fear of the burden of confronting this person of thei

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