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Urban Farming.

Embracing the inner authentic . The city can be a combination of fast paced life with business complexes ready with daily provision in terms of sustainability. Having a stroll down the street paths and  noticing lands with basic farm activities has caught my eye since they happen to be on the rise.Lands in sections with vegetables,banana trunks,sugarcane I mean full grown gardens and domestic animals are something that seems to be embraced . Something that once was seen as a rural flourishing stronghold has it's way into the city corners. Doing this in medium scale has been possible for land owners. This hasn't stopped gardening being done on balconies .To add to the freshness and 'beauty' natural presence in a home setting, it's the freshness of fresh vegetables on your plate a boost to health and definitely a save of the coin just to mention a few. Some of the changes might be life saving after all.Finding inner will for betterment in the eyes of a raging storm.

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