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Elegance Source.

Welcome to the new page where you'll get to understand with me the vast beauty in prints and designing as well as local nature's beauty as soon it might just get better;to the world's.My latest pieces of work is 'simple' as always,you guys know how we do it.
2 piece ,fully comfortable and suitable for any outdoor ventures as well as high end indoor ventures. Elegance  inspired for girl bosses.

This two piece African print attire is suitable for any event from cooperate to social as it only serve to showcase the level of rooted,authority and elegance a girlboss serves. On the flip side,worn to match other outfits ,a modern chick look is the outcome. Finely sown work of art,finely done stitches on a beautifully printed fabric is just the combination for cupping a  magical experience for any lady from It's Charoe Wear. As a whole outfit,it gets even better.Quality work for quality product is the deal.

Photography:@mchizenphotography. Location:Sunset lounge. Wonder…
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Marking Strides.

Lessons of life.
In the past weeks I've worked with a team of brilliant individuals with goals close to their hearts.I not only enjoy
work dynamics that come with it but also the feeling of warmth,love and support. With those anyone can definitely be on to something.
An all round aspect of having people with whom you speak the same language of ambitions and details of the next task is quiet something..... Okay down to what's been up.
Having Ankara prints in mind,I designed quiet a comfortable wear with a touch of simplicity and creative outlook.A design that can be funky but reserved!The prints are so rich blending colors in an artistic kind of unique pattern,art found in all kinds of printed fabric.

Accessories. You guys will agree that I have at most times beautiful accessories Ankara mostly that compliment my outfits,some my creation but the best one's are @nishitta's ; on facebook.This beautiful neckpiece is a statement of embraced pattern of beautiful bold colors .

My Dreams Awaken .

Sky is super still,starless too..its a chilled night filled with all energies,the laughter,the awkwardness,the synchronizations,the glances [eye catches],the I don't really knows and can't tells,the memories,the opinions,the motivations,the disappointments that really could be blessings,the trusting the unknowns,the where to go,the being the inspiration,joining big leagues and making ultimate decisions that  change  big venture and splashing beauty globally,the winning and broadening love for dedication to greater doings of changing lives and experiencing gratitude,joy and fulfillment of peace all at once.

My life is one kind of a life,the kind where tomorrow is full of surprises.Yesterday is gone,today is nigh....the soldier inside knows that hope shine brighter than never before.
Colors give me a good feeling.Blue,gold,red,white they give all wash away some worrisome feeling.
Anxiety damn,I've got lots of smiles and laughs out loud,listening to som…

Following Leads.

Row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream......
The kind  of extremes I level with in my life that I maintain balance of only I am capable of with help from the source. Therefore,I'm happy I get to know my strengths, now I understand when I'm told be delighted in your struggles because they build you....I really do,the sooner you guys understand the better.
I wouldn't want to come out any different. You remember Whitney Houston's I didn't  know my own strength🎼🎼🎼 . It feels just like that. It feels good to rise and know this is me now, this is my life now and only I can make the decisions now. What to say, what to do,how to do it,for how long and to trust myself that it's the right thing.
It is more than what I will  wear tomorrow it's more of what will I do  to change my tomorrow.
If I see you today I'm just happy knowing that within you there's a place of pure peace,bliss, underst…

Coordinations in Combinations.

Gold Sunrise in the South. Every bit of these golden streaks of sun rays are colors that pretty much feel  as warm as they may look,it displays the perfect beauty of nature .when I look at this all I see is  definite intense mirage at its peak. Its warmth on your face bring such a pleasant feeling only found out in nature.It blazes with so much energy that would keep you thrilled while watching this process that you don't get to worry where you actually watching it from.This is shot from the Nyali Bridge,Mombasa.
This is lush grass straight after the rains,rich deep green literally.The kind of green that serves  the eye a handful of beauty.Then there's this green that's looking cool with a  rough patch of grayish rough.reminds me of velvet, more of rough soft.

These in turn blossom's into some  magical beauties. These beauties have some refreshing look I bet the bees celebrated they feed on them!I'll let you guys tell me how many colors you see.personally I se…

Days of My Life.

Beauty in colors.
Colors speak volumes more than words to me. They are a way of expressing emotions.In my world fashion any color is good ,I wear each with pride because I draw my inspiration from them.whenever I wear bold colors my moods elevate.
This beautiful piece has me feeling equally beautiful on it.

I am a Beach stroller.  I look with excitement to the blaring sun, I notice the white ,yellow even grey butterflies. I feel the wind blowing gently making the trees sway in unison.I'm tempted to follow the wind to lead my strides but I follow it any way to the's so peaceful all you hear is the rumbling waters,  chipping birds and laughter,kids are swimming playfully throwing sand at each other.they look happy and free.reminds me,I should have a swim one of these days.
Stripes. Look at these stripes, they got me feeling like a zebra ha!
Disappointments Some days I'm so confused, so afraid, so scared to look at the birds, the trees.they might see my disappointment b…

Environmental Bliss.

Environmental love.
Today I've been up and down the corners of a small but incredible area in the magical coastal town of Mombasa called Tudor.I am lucky to have stayed here because it's the only place that I've had the chance to see some of the oldest trees in my life.

Location;Technical  University of Mombasa.
Those who've been here must agree that these trees are phenomenal in the way they tower above us yet they do the most to ensure the cleanest air and beautiful shades.what's amazing is that there are quite a number of old trees giving it the most surrealism any environment could have. Besides the tree are  these vegetational colors will blow your mind.

This is the kind of vegetation I'd love to wake up to every morning ,the kind of colors that would liven up your day. It's not just within the school, Tudor has some of the most breath taking both wild and planted trees. There are whispering trees that literally whisper to the rhythm of the,i…