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Unrelinquishing Beauty.

Gifts 💐.
It's the rain season. Looks like it got sunny that it looks extremely different having to experience such changes. It comes with absolute beauty though. The chill keeps everything literally chilled!

A walk outside might just be what a doctor orders coz the bloom outside is what might just send your eyes into an overdrive.
I literally just saw a type of flower I've never seen before since each time I pass by this huge tree it's dried up and towering as far as I've been looking.Okay,it must be one of the beautiful ones I've seen I must add. Haha

I'm just enjoying these seasons, and the next then some more because that's a gift from nature. Nature's beauty is exquisite.

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Detailed Gems.

Tales of Art. 
The cradle artistic nature of artwork with African theme or really these distinct elements that make them look so African tend to make them look sophisticated, exquisite and just unique. This is the exact reason why one of them on a wall is an instant indication of one's personality. You'll always know.
I just concluded the kind of artwork you appreciate is in line with your kind of personality hence your style.
That aside, these are some of the amazing pieces I've come across and instantly got so engrossed in admiring these uniquely made pieces of work. I can't begin to imagine the inspiration behind them but the outcomes are quite pieces.

A Cockrel is the distinct image I can see. Art enthusiasts can tell more. The details are one of a kind making this just about precious as it looks. Just beside it is a whole another piece that holds a similar style making these artistic display one to drool over.

What do you guys think... Ain't this work adorable…

Change From History.

Splendid Waters.
Everything has a reason and what  could have been  a casual 'duty call' turns out to be an eye opener, like an adventure of sorts. Found myself staring into the infamous, busy water front that made headlines years ago but looks beautiful than the tragedy it's know for. Deep into the wild, deep enough from the nearest settlement, busy buzzing with industrious  activities and just an amazement to the eye. I am forever grateful I get to see this side of this blue that I love and show it off.

Waters so deep but so close to the beach!I get to see how industrious waters can serve not the usual fun, swim inviting and beauty I'm served mostly. Amazing what creations are on this planet. It's wonderful what development is responsible for!

This place holds more than can meet the eye /camera. But the adventure that lives here can only be told in a tale by long living residents of this place. Tales that are realistic. Nothing cooked but striking that they  pass…

Creative Bliss.

Colorful Beauty.
Times have been quiet unpredictable and that's why my updates too seem to be falling in line but this doesn't have to be a bad thing.
I have come across some of the most surreal creations this past days that has made me appreciate creative artwork. The beauty that is depicted by an expression is one that can only be admired in awe since no words can really do them justice.

Bless the work of your hands to this 🙌🔥.
Apart from savoring the spectacular art you only realize it's just a welcome to a beautiful wide stretch of the awesome beachfront. These two are just the recipe of an enjoyable fun time of the sight excluding dives into the waters.
I'll just say it again, my city is awesome.